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For more than 175 years and six generations, the name REMAGEN in Cologne has stood for sophisticated and contemporary lighting technology and lighting. The company's history largely reflects the technical development in this area.

The young plumber Gottfried Remagen was one of the pioneers who began laying gas pipes for public street lighting in Cologne in 1841. This zest for action led to the founding of the company in 1845 and the opening of the first shop in Lintgasse. In addition to illuminating public spaces, Gottfried Remagen also increasingly supplied private households with gas light by installing small gas pressure vessels in the basements of the houses.
His son Gerhard Remagen recognized the increasing importance of lighting for private living culture. In 1882 he expanded his father’s gas and water installation business to include a lighting business.

As the successor to the third generation, Heinrich Remagen experienced the end of the old kerosene lamp in the first decades of our century, the brief rise of the gas glow light and finally the triumphal march of electric light. Starting in 1920, he produced modern lights in his own lighting fixture factory, which gave elegant salons and humble living rooms alike an unusual shine.

Artur Remagen was the fourth generation to rebuild and expand the war-torn company after 1945. In 1964 he moved the domicile to the current location on Neumarkt. In 1981 the sons Heinrich and Gottfried Remagen took over the company and expanded the sales area to 1,700 m² in 1986.

Today, the REMAGEN lighting house is managed in the 5th generation by Heinrich Remagen and stands with an experienced and dedicated team from currently 14 employees for competence in lighting design and lighting technology – with one of the largest specialist exhibitions of design lights, classic lighting and technical light.